Connexus Login

Connexus is Pearson’s Connections Education Management System (EMS), which is similar to an LMS. It is used as the main Connexus login portal for schools throughout the country and the world, both public schools and private schools, as an e-learning platform for online virtual school.

You can gain access to the Connexus login page by going to the connexus acadamy education EMS site on

You then enter your user name and password and and click the log in button to gain access to your account. This applies to parents, teachers and especially to the student login information.

Depending on who you logged in as you will see different options available to you but under the same familiar user interface.

There are allot of feature to explore so take your time and get familiar with all the options.

For example, as a parent, you can view your child attendance records , lesson progress, and class schedules, while as a student, you can participate in clubs access many online resources and textbooks and engage with other students using the connexus webmail and message boards.


From my personal experience the only way to really get the most of online virtual classrooms is to fully engage ans use all the tools at you disposal so you get comfortable with the learning platform.

The message boards and other student collaboration tools are probably the most rewarding part of the online learning experience since you get to read other peers opinions on different subjects.

An online education system classroom is different than in a regular classroom since you don’t just talk over each other or ignore others turn to talk and only pay attention when you have something to say.

In a message board, you have to read, comprehend and then reply to your fellow students which will then force you to actually take into consideration what others think.

This by itself will make you more open minded and aware of other train of thoughts out there.

As a side tip, there will be days you don’t feel like going to your virtual school, this is where the 5% rule can come and help you. just do the bare minimum of going to connections education portal and entering your connexus login credentials.

Once you do that chances are you will start reading updates, do some homework, and even chat a little online.

Good luck and stay sharp!

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