Haiku LMS – The Portal For Haiku RUSD

The Haiku LMS learning platform is all about simplicity.

This doesn’t mean the technology behind the software is simple, in fact its far from it, but it is designed in a way that it would be as streamlined as possible for you, the educator, to deliver your teachings with as little interference as possible.

Similar to other LMS systems, with the Haiku learning management system you can create a complete virtual classroom or as an addition to your physical class room, known as a blended classroom. This allows you to to manage the paper trail, like homework, assignments, videos, all online for your students to review and submit at their pace, while freeing up the classroom time for discussions and lectures and other activities related to your subject.

As versatile as the haiku application is, it is specifically targeted for K-12 education sector, hence the School & District version of their software.

Haiku RUSD

One notable implementation of this is at Riverside Unified School District. RUSD uses their e-learning management software for the Haiku RUSD student dashboard, giving them complete view of all their students, teachers, and schools teaching and learning progress, test results, classroom sizes, attendance records and so many other powerful tools to improve education in their district.

Worth A Try

Instead of just taking our word for how the Haiku LMS app is easy, simple and beautiful, in every aspect of the word.  You should actually try it out as they have a free Teacher Edition that you can setup for yourself or use it as a preview to the School and District Edition. If you are interested you can sign up for it directly on their site.

You don’t need to install anything on your computer, its 100% web based and hosted in the cloud on the Haiku Learning server, letting you focus on the content and creative resources you can use to really spruce up your e-learning material and the all important design touch that only you can bring to the classroom experience.

haiku lms

The list of feature available are too many for me to mention instead check out their site at haikulearning.com for the complete features list so you can compare each edition side by side.

Highlight of Highlights

What I would like to highlight besides the usual favorites like the Homework Annotator, which can really save on ink and the ability for you and the student to follow and review back to their past mistakes, giving you more insight into their progress, and the other feature called NavBar that let’s you create shortcuts to your most used section of the program which can really save time!

No, what I would like to highlight, is first, their ability to integrate with your Google apps for a direct education login (similar to Connexus) as the access credentials for the Haiku LMS Login, all done seamlessly.

And second, the beautifully designed mobile Haiku LMS App, which the student can download and install on their Apple iPads and Windows Tablets making the excuse to learn and study a distant future.

So go for it, give it a try, after all there is a reason why they named their company after a Japanese poem style, and let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

You can learn more at their main site: http://www.haikulearning.com/