PowerSchool for Students, Parents, Teachers

PowerSchool portal web software is one of the most commonly used web based learning management systems, which allows parents, teachers, and students to keep track of academic grade records, class progress, and school attendance, all at the convenience of online access using a PowerSchool login student id or in case of the parents and teachers their own personal identification number that they can use to access their school’s PowerSchool website.


It has the full spectrum of features that provide needed tools all the way to the district administrators level. This way there is seamless collaboration between the school district, school administrators, teachers, and parents when in comes to the students education success.


Parents get a special tool called PowerSchool for Parents that allows parents to get access on their children in real time to a number of information, including, class attendance records, school announcements, homework assignments, standardized test scores, and even their lunch expenses! I know I would love to know if my child bought a Pepsi and cookie with their lunch card a more nutritional meal like soup and salad. Unless of course they have s lunch pass which allows them to go to the nearby McDonald’s or Subway restaurant and get a sandwich!

PowerSchool Student Books


PowerSchool students, One thing I would like to recommend to you is not to access your powerschool portal by searching for powerschool.org or powerschool.com student login, instead ask your school for the exact URL or navigate to it through the school’s website and bookmark it for future reference.


Teacher too have their own tool called PowerTeacher that integrates perfectly with the PowerSchool LMS to provide even more granular control and feature to the teachers directly. Some of the powerful tools include seating chart, teacher notifications, and a score inspector feature that would be the one stop tool for everything related to the student PowerSchool grades.


A software of this complexity and rich application data is probably best to experience online by way of a virtual demo of the PowerSchool portal. So if a web based education management software is something you are interested in then looking around Pearson’s product offering might be a good start.