Subway University Online Training & Partners Login

Once you are hired at Subway and before you can begin working there you must go the Subway University online training website and complete the mandatory online courses with a passing grade before actually working at the store.

This is regardless of the position you got hire for even if you are just making the sandwiches (also known as a Sandwich Artist) or running the register (you will be doing both anyway).

Subway has a very different learning management system than McDonalds to access their McD portal. The classes are setup differently and they use different learning management systems variation, even though they are both using the same LMS vendor (Saba) to facilitate the classes and manage employee training records.

However, both the Hamburger University and the University of Subway online training programs take their training system very seriously, as you can tell by the time and effort it took both of them designing and implementing their online learning courses.

So if you are thinking of becoming a Sandwich Artist one day, then you definitely on the right path in your career!

Subway University Online Courses

There are 6 courses you need to train on and complete before you start, they are the following:subway university

  • The Subway Way
  • Creating a Professional Atmosphere
  • Frontline Food Safety
  • How the Frontline Operate
  • How to Build
  • Food Preparation

Your list might be different than the list mentioned above or from some other workers, so stick to yours and don’t mind what others are doing.

These important courses are the main learning points you need to fully comprehend and  follow so you could better understand how Subway runs and what is expected of you as a Subway employee.

Subway Login

Start by going online to the website and at the very bottom on the left hand side click the link that says SUBWAY partners. You might want to bookmark the URL for future reference so you can go directly to the Subway training online portal. Alternatively you can type to access the Subway partners login page directly.

You should have received your user name and password from the the hiring manager at your store, if not please contact them and ask them for it, and make sure you don’t share it with anyone.

Once you log in, you should see a link to the University of Subway web page, click on it and scroll to the bottom where it says search.

Subway University Answers

Subway University Training Online

Once you are logged into the LMS (learning management system), start by entering the name of the first course on your list, and click the search button. This will list the course and give you a summary of the course with the time it will take you to finish it.

Click launch to begin the presentation. At the bottom you should see arrows. Click the arrows to complete the course until the end where you will be presented with a quiz (some think it’s more like a test).

Answer all the questions and your score will display once your are done. Once you are done go back to the university and search for your next course.

Repeat this process until you are done with all your required classes. Congratulations! You are now ready to work at Subway!

Subway Classes Online

The Subway university online training program classes are very easy to follow but if you have any questions or concerns, you should not hesitate to call you manager and ask questions. Don’t be shy as its better to be certain than guessing. It shows that you care about doing the training the right way, the Subway way.

As a personal Advice, even if you don’t see your job at Subway as your career, show extra interest and initiative with your learning. Take additional classes even if they are not in the Subway course list. There are many online web based classes you can take for free to learn a new skill or start on a new hobby. Such courses can sometimes be offered by Subway themselves as a perk just like AMC has through their WorkBrain Employee portal.

Go to a local community college or a local adult learning center, and see what classes they offer that can be categorized as life skills, like communication, speech, organization, or even another language that is predominate in your neighborhood. You can even take CPR courses at the American Red Cross (check their online learning center for class schedules), as you never know when it will come handy.

You never know when these skills will help you in life, but you will definitely get noticed by your manager!

I personally know previous Subway employees that while working at subway they kept learning and going to school until eventually they landed a job with US Airways maintenance crew. Now, using the same habits they instilled in themselves while working at Subway, they keep their skills ahead of other and similarly access the employee ilearning center at US Airways Wings portal to keep up to date with all company training materials.

For a behind the scenes look of subway’s training and development program, check out this video:

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